Azienda Agricola Baccagnano’s 7 hectars lay on the first hills of Brisighella, at an altitude of around 100mt. The soils are clayey. The proximity to the river Lamone and the position towards the bottom of the valley causes a high temperature range even on the hottest summer days and a decent air circulation that helps us in the agronomic management of our vineyard.

We chosed to plant in the vineyard Romagna’s autocthonous grapes: Sangiovese, with the most tipycal clones of Brisighella, Trebbiano and Albana.

Our new winery, built in 2019, is hidden like a hobbit’s house. The underground cellar helps us with a natural temperature control.

We use different types of containers to refine our wines: Sangiovese sits in concrete tanks for as much as 6 months before being bottled. We also use exausted oak tonneaus for refining part of the wine and, following our taste and istinct, whe chose each year how to blend the two.

We use georgian qvevri (terracotta amphorae) for our Albana the stays in this magical containers during fermentation and refines in stainless steel tanks before being bottled.
We use one kind of bottle for all of our production and we started from the beginning to close them with screw caps.

You can buy our wines online and have them shipped almost all over europe on